Low Cost Fabric Alternatives for Decorating

Even if I were a billionaire I would still love a good deal. When I saw this fabric shower curtain in Home Goods, I had to get it. I loved the bold stripe. I think, that’s how many yards for 14.99? That’s a lot of material, what a bargain! I was inspired, it was perfect for our mudroom, which is pretty stark. It’s basically all white wood cabinetry, paper white walls, and gray tile. The… Read more »

Deco Wrap Cornice and Panel Style

The simple straight cornice is the the most popular Deco Wrap style, but tuck in two long lengths of fabric at both ends of the cornice and you have the Deco Wrap cornice and panel style. When installed, the added fabric hangs down on either side of the window to create a custom drapery look. The panels add impact to the room, but the style is not overwhelming as it gracefully frames the… Read more »

Do-It-Yourself Window Treatments for Less

When you think about all of the options for window treatments on the market, there are three main categories to choose from. You have readi-made curtains and drapery purchased at retail, custom made window treatments contracted through a design professional, or there is a “do-it-yourself” option. Let’s look at how they differ and see what might be best for your decorating project. Readi-made curtains and valances tend to be much less expensive than custom-made but your choices are… Read more »

Easy DIY Roman Valances

Out of all the window treatment valances, one of my favorite styles is the Roman. It has the look of a professionally sewn, folded Roman shade, but it is stationary. The Roman style is my go-to choice because it is simple, yet elegant. When considering do-it-yourself window treatment ideas, Deco Wrap cornices give you no-sew ease with a high end look. You have many options as to how you can create it, and it is easy… Read more »

Deco Wrap, the Versatile Cornice

There are many window treatment valances available on the market, both ready-made and custom designed. In the valance category, the versatile cornice is the style I prefer for many reasons. A simple cornice is an easy way to decorate and add interest to a room. It is a versatile choice because it can look casual or elegant, neutral and monochromatic, or bold and vibrant.  The straight lines of a Deco Wrap cornice allow you to create the mood of your window… Read more »

A New Year for Decorating

With the new year approaching, I started thinking about what goals I am going to tackle in 2018. With regards to decorating, I want to love my home and everything in it. When you think about it, you are in your home every day, it surrounds you and has a big impact on how you feel.  That is why I’m making some big changes in 2018.

I will go room to… Read more »





What comes to mind when we think of Ultra-Violet, or the color purple? The late Prince, Barney the dinosaur, fantasy, and serenity are some things that I think of. I’m just looking around my own home and I can’t find anything in this trending shade.

Although ultra-violet is the color… Read more »

Holiday Homes Awaken the Senses

Around the holidays, your home should feel warm and cozy, inviting and festive. To get the most out of holiday home decorating, the key factor is to stimulate the senses. When guests walk into your home, they should delight in a sensory overload of sights, smells and sounds of the season. Holiday accessories like wreaths, garland and festive family keepsakes should adorn the entry to welcome friends and family.  Decorate the heart of your home… Read more »

Autumnal Decorating on a Budget

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to bring the look of Fall into your home. You can easily and inexpensively get a festive look by adding seasonal colors to your current decor. Warm earthy hues in shades of orange, yellow, and red evoke the cozy feeling of the Autumn season. Think about the leaves on the trees turning all of those beautiful shades. A soft woven afghan in a blend of fall colors … Read more »

The Entry and Seasonal Decorating

Don’t forget the entry. I’m always concentrating on window treatments and interior decorating so it’s refreshing to focus on the exterior for a change. It’s already October and I haven’t finished my front pots for the Fall. I’m still hanging on to the remnants of my summer flowers or what’s left after the deer have dined on them! I am trying to decide what new seasonal decorating idea to implement, as I never do anything the… Read more »