The Entry and Seasonal Decorating

Don’t forget the entry. I’m always concentrating on window treatments and interior decorating so it’s refreshing to focus on the exterior for a change. It’s already October and I haven’t finished my front pots for the Fall. I’m still hanging on to the remnants of my summer flowers or what’s left after the deer have dined on them! I am trying to decide what new seasonal decorating idea to implement, as I never do anything the… Read more »

Fall Decorating

It’s September and before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. Now is the time to get your home ready, especially if you plan on entertaining. It is best to prepare ahead and not wait to do things last minute. The holidays should be enjoyable, not feel like drudgery.  By putting the work in ahead of time, you can savor the beautiful home you have created and enjoy the festive holiday season. These are the steps I take to… Read more »

Decorate Kids Rooms in a Snap with Deco Wrap

Deco Wrap no sew cornices make decorating your children’s room a snap. Simply purchase extra bed sheets to coordinate with the bedding and use it on your Deco Wrap cornices. You don’t need to buy expensive fabric and the coordination of windows and bedding pulls the room together with little effort.

Making your children’s window treatments can be both fun and easy. You can wrap the fabric around… Read more »

Tips for Choosing Drapery Fabric

There is much to consider when deciding to tackle a window drapery project. One of the most important factors is what type of drapery fabric to choose. Some of the things you need to think about are fabric weight, drape-ability, durability and privacy to name a few. Here are some tips that I hope will be helpful. 

Silk (or faux silk), most linen and velvet are superior for window drapery as they hang beautifully. Many other fabric… Read more »

Ideas for Summer Decorating

It’s summer and I usually like to make some changes to my decor to go along with the warmer weather. Here are some decorating ideas to lighten your look and light up your mood for the summer.

  Take down those heavy drapes and let the light brighten up your room. Instead, use pretty sheer panels. They can still give some privacy while letting light filter through. It’s a great feeling when they blow in the breeze… Read more »

The Simple Cornice Valance

There are many window treatment valance styles  or “window toppers” as some people refer to them. I have found that a simple cornice valance with sheer panels is an easy way to decorate and add interest to a room. It is also a versatile choice. It can be casual or elegant, neutral or colorful, bold or subtle.  The straight lines of a Deco Wrap cornice allow you to create the mood of your window treatment, it just depends upon which… Read more »

Design Trends 2017

I always watch for the latest design trends, because in decorating, it’s wise to be ahead of the curve. You want your decor to look chic and fresh and not go “out of style”. When making large purchases, the smart thing to do is to buy timeless furnishings, as they do not become quickly outdated. Generally I’ll use trendy accent pieces and accessories, so it is much easier and less expensive to update your… Read more »

Springtime Inspires Refreshing Interiors

Spring is finally here! You can see the new buds blooming and smell the sweet floral fragrances in the air. Pretty soon we will be opening up our windows daily to enjoy the fresh warm breeze. Spring is a great time to refresh your décor too. The excitement of the new season motivates me. Take look around to see what you can do freshen up your décor.  Here are some simple ideas to bring in the spring.

Bring home fresh cut flowers or pretty indoor potted flowers. I… Read more »

Pantone Color of the Year 2017- Greenery


Greenery / Pantone 15-0343



 I love this shade and I often refer to it as Apple Green. When I redecorated my family room a few years ago this is the color I wanted to incorporate, as it’s a pretty shade that can be treated as a neutral. Think of plants in your room. The vibrant color of leaves can mix with anything and add life and a… Read more »

Window Treatments or Not?

Sometimes we have the option to either treat the windows with window coverings or to leave them plain. More often, window treatments are a needed for privacy, light control, or both. The need for privacy is most common, especially in our bedrooms and bathrooms. Light control can be desired in bedrooms and for rooms with television viewing, but it may also be necessary for spaces where direct sunlight can do damage. Harsh sunlight can cause… Read more »