Spooktacular Decorating for Halloween

Spooky Mantle

It’s October and we have three big holidays ahead of us; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I love this time of year because that means holiday decorating! I have to admit, Halloween decorating is my favorite. I love spooking up my fireplace and mantle each year. I never do it the same way. It’s spooktacular!

Decorating for Halloween will never die out in this house. I’m not quite sure whether we have more Halloween decorations or Christmas decorations. It’s crazy. Every year I say I’m going to pair down and get rid of at least half of what we store. Now here we are again and I’m like a kid in a candy store. Out come all the decorations and I spend the evening arranging and primping them all until I get it just right. And once again, I couldn’t part with anything.

Halloween Tree

This year I didn’t even wait until October to decorate, as that is my usual rule. Since our son was coming homing home for a quick visit, I wanted to surprise him. That was my excuse to break my own rule. I really thought I would stop decorating for Halloween when the boys were grown, but no. It just makes us all happy around here to be immersed in this ghoulish environment. We all love to get in the “spirit” of things!

As a matter of fact, according to CNN Halloween Fast Facts., 48 million people will celebrate Halloween this year with 53% planning to decorate and 46% planning to carve a pumpkin. The average consumer is planning on spending $92.12 on decorations, candy and costumes. How do you compare to the average consumer? We would love to hear your feedback and see any of your own spooky decorations. Happy Halloween!

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