Change Your Window Treatment Style in Minutes

I love being able to change my valance styles on a whim because I get tired of looking at the same old thing day after day. Deco Wrap cornices allow me to re-style or change the fabric when ever I want. They are so versatile and easy to recover and redesign. I have changed the fabric and style in my mudroom so often, it’s hard to recall the many variations. Here are some recent… Read more »

How to Make Returns for DecoWrap Cornices

I have been asked many times if DecoWrap could “return” back to the wall like a custom cornice. In creating the product, we made it as simple as possible so anyone could make a window treatment it in minutes. So while it was not designed to have returns, it can be accomplished in a few relatively simple steps. I have laid them out below, using a single 40″ cornice as an example to follow… Read more »