Bringing Flowers Into Home Décor

One of my favorite things is to bring flowers into home décor, especially when they are fresh cut. I often plan my entertaining around the time when my hydrangeas are in bloom. But spring and summer flowers are not coming for awhile. What I like to do in the meantime, when I’m pining for the spring, is to buy cut flowers at the store and put them in pretty vases around the home. I… Read more »

Sparkling Beaded Window Treatments Solve a Problem

Small Bathroom Window

Decorating windows can pose challenges. Often in older homes the bathrooms can have funny little windows you are not sure what to do with. On the other hand in new construction, you might find large modern bathrooms with beautiful over sized windows. The problem there is being too close to a neighbor who shares the view! There are a few thing you have to consider as you explore your options. Because… Read more »