Bringing Flowers Into Home Décor

One of my favorite things is to bring flowers into home décor, especially when they are fresh cut. I often plan my entertaining around the time when my hydrangeas are in bloom. But spring and summer flowers are not coming for awhile. What I like to do in the meantime, when I’m pining for the spring, is to buy cut flowers at the store and put them in pretty vases around the home. I love to display them in wait of spring, because nothing is prettier than vases of blooms strategically scattered throughout the home.

Bringing the outdoors in with flowers and greens is such an easy way to refresh your home. It’s the ideal accessory. Use pretty glass vases or mason jars as vessels. Brightly colored ceramic containers can coordinate with your arrangement and add a pop of color to your room. I love my unique ceramic multi-vase. It’s so fun, and whatever I put in it always looks pretty!

One place I always make sure to have flowers is in my guest bathroom. I think it’s such a nice touch. A small vase will do. All the little cuts or broken pieces from your larger arrangement will fill a petite vessel.

There are some great places to purchase fresh cut arrangements at very reasonable prices. I want to give a shout out to Trader Joe’s. They always carry a nice assortment of cut blooms throughout the year and for special occasions. I can always find great holiday selections as well. Their fresh flowers start at only $3.99, and that’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!

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