Festive Holiday Mantles

If you have a fireplace mantle it’s a wonderful thing. The fireplace will be the focal point in your room, and when the holidays are here, it can be one of the most festive displays in your home.

Every year I decorate my mantle a little differently, with the mainstays of garland and lights as my canvas. The fun accessories I have collected over the years get arranged across the length. Then, I’ll adjust the pieces until I feel there is an aesthetic balance. Some people prefer symmetrical layouts, but mine is always asymmetrical. I personally think it is more interesting.

Then, the surrounding pieces make it even more grand. I like to flank the mantle with a wreath on each French door. This creates a symmetrical look overall with the asymmetric mantle decorations in between. The large orchid floor plant gets a big festive bow. It’s so pretty decorated, it looks as though I bought it as a pre-done holiday arrangement.

Finally, the finishing touch, lights! The best thing that has ever happened to holiday decorating is battery powered Christmas lights. They are the icing on the cake. I wouldn’t be able to light up my mantle and door wreathes if it weren’t for the invention of battery lights. The warm beautiful glow of a lit holiday display is so beautiful. Every evening I look forward to turning them on because it puts me in such a happy, festive mood.

I hope you enjoy your holiday season. Happy Holidays and happy decorating!

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