Fall Refresh

I love the fall. The air has a crisp feel and the smell of the Autumnal outdoors gives me a happy feeling. If your family is like ours, for much of the summer we have the windows closed and the air conditioning on because it’s just too hot and humid. Now that fall is here, I love opening the windows to let the cool air circulate and refresh the house naturally. I was thinking about window treatments recently, as I was appreciating my own open look in the bedroom. Often we think of full window drapery as heavy and bulky, but that does not have to be the case. I highly recommend black-out panels in a bedroom. They work great for us and look terrific as well. You get the benefits of room darkening and insulation while maintaining an open look. The decorating style is simple, and during the day when the panels drawn back, the room has a wide open feeling. They allow all the light to flood in so I can enjoy my pretty windows and the fresh fall breeze that blows through them.

2015-09-02 08.43.37

Another great window treatment look is a Roman style cornice valance. I like how it gives the look of a drawn up shade, but you don’t have to ever touch it. The style adds nice texture and color to an otherwise plain window.


If you are not happy with your window treatments, it may be time for a change. The holidays around the corner so open those windows, enjoy the fresh fall breeze and get inspired!


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