A Versatile Cornice Using Faux Leather

There are many window treatment valances available on the market, both ready-made and custom designed. In the valance category, the versatile cornice is the style I prefer for many reasons. A cornice is an easy way to decorate and add interest to a room. It is a versatile choice because it can look casual or elegant, neutral and monochromatic, or bold and vibrant.  The straight lines of a Deco Wrap cornice allow you to create the mood of your window treatment, it just depends upon the fabric you choose. Since the form is basic, you can design a window treatment  that is simple, or one that is more elaborate. For example, you can use neutral linen fabrics for a clean tailored design, or bold silk patterns with embellishments for a more elegant feel.

I recently reupholstered an ottoman for my bedroom and I had excess fabric left over. It is a faux leather animal skin in neutrals. I thought it would look very cool on a simple Deco Wrap cornice in my mudroom.

Faux Leather Animal Print Ottoman
Re-using a Deco Wrap Cornice

I found an Decowrap cornice form in the closet and re-used it.

Tucking the Fabric In

I just wrapped the fabric and tucked it across the back slit. Because of heavier the weight and thickness of the material, I ended up pinning the ends instead of tucking them. It was easy.

Faux Leather Animal Print Cornice Using Left Over Fabric

Voila! The cornice is simple but the animal print makes it look chic. I love how the greys pick up the tones in my painting of Finnegan. It also works well with color of the ceramic flooring.

The versatile cornice is ideal for any room, and you can change the fabric to change the look. So whether you want simple, casual, elegant or novel, consider Deco Wrap, the versatile cornice valance.

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