Tips for Choosing Sheer Window Treatments

I love simple sheer panels for window treatments. That is because today’s sheers are not like the sheers of old. Years ago you would mostly find plain voile or polyester fabric, and sheers were commonly used as a layering element underneath lined fabric panels. As a traditional window covering, you had the option to have everything pulled back to reveal the windows, sheers closed with panels decoratively framing the window, or both panels and sheers closed for privacy and light control. This is still the case in more traditional window dressings, but what’s more popular now is sheers as the main drapery. This is in part due to the fact there are so many great styles choose from. Also, there is a trend towards simplicity. If you can accomplish the same great look with one layer of window panels, why bother with two?

It’s important to know your light and privacy needs when choosing any drapery. Sheers offer varying degrees of privacy and light control. In the daytime, when it’s light out, they will filter the sun and lend some privacy. In the evening, when it’s dark and the lights are on, you will not get complete privacy. Sheers are semi-opaque so from the outside you will see shadows, and if the fabric is very lightweight, they may be completely see-through. For this reason people rarely choose stand alone sheers in the bedroom, especially when neighbors are in close proximity. So carefully consider your own situation.

Pick a sheer fabric that will best match your personal style and decor. Sheers are available in many colors and designs. It’s not just a choice of white or ivory anymore. Some sheers can have a high sheen or fancy embroidery and look very dressy, where others look casual with slubby textures or simple weaves. What is important is that you go with what suites your style and enhances your existing decor.

Shop the huge variety of sheers before you decide. There are so many interesting choices on the market today. Because sheers have become so very popular, manufacturers are competing and producing a large variety of colors and styles. Sheer curtains can be made from chiffon, voile, cotton, linen, lace, and silk. You can find patterned sheers, embossed sheers, and ombre dyed sheers, just to name a few. The methods of producing the fabrics have become are very sophisticated. Manufacturers have new ways to combine other materials like velvet, metallic overlays, and trims with sheer fabric. The end result can be sophisticated, unique, funky, or glam. That why today’s sheers can compete with traditional fabrics and and make a statement on their own.

So for your next window treatment project, think about decorating with sheers. Happy decorating!

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