The DIY Monogram for Personalized Décor

Ancient Monograms

We sometimes think of monogramming as a southern thing, or a trendy way to identify personal belongings, but it actually has a long history. The earliest known monogram was found on 6th century B.C. Roman coins. They were marked with the ruler’s initials to authenticate and legitimize them. Throughout history, the monogram was a symbol of the powerful and the elite. From Greek and Roman history through the Victorian age, royalty, military leaders, and the wealthy used their initials to form a personal brand to remind others of their position and influence in society.

Monograms Today

Today, modern technology has made monogramming very popular because it is affordable and accessible. The popularity of monogrammed items has risen in this society out of mass-production. No longer is a skilled artisan necessary. Personalization has become trendy and nostalgic, and it is a great vehicle for creative expression. And while todays monograms have nothing to do with social position or wealth, they still seem to convey an air of prestige.

Cornice using Monogram Patch and Ribbon
The DIY Monogram

You can find monograms on everything from jewelry to luggage, towels to sneakers. What I recently explored is monogramming home décor, specifically on a window cornice. The fact that it could be a do-it-yourself project was an added bonus. You can find pre-embroidered letters in various colors, styles and sizes. They also make well crafted iron-on monogram patches. What is great is that you don’t need a custom embroiderer, and you don’t have to wait weeks to have something personalized. There is a lot available on-line and in craft stores. If there is something very specific you desire, you can have it made through Etsy or a similar website quite inexpensively.

My Monogram Project

Around the home you can apply monograms onto towels, pillow cases, decorative pillows and more. My favorite creation was personalizing a Deco Wrap cornice. All the fabric was wrapped and tucked into the pre-cut slits on the cornice. I chose a calico print on the body and added a solid quilted center accent. Then I bordered the white quilted fabric with two lengths of polka-dot ribbon. The monogram patch was the perfect finishing touch. I just centered it across the width and ironed it on. The whole project was completely no-sew. I love how the colors pop. Its a great “custom” look for a girl’s room.

I hope that inspires you to bring the monogram into your home. Don’t forget to share your projects, as we would love to hear from you. Happy decorating!

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