Quick Change Valance Style

I love do it yourself decorating. It makes changing your look easy and I get bored with the same thing rather quickly. For my latest project, I took the roman balloon valance that I recently made for my mudroom and changed it to a different style. It took about five minutes!


I got the idea when I was putting away my Christmas wrapping. When I decided to organize my paper, bows and gift bag collection, and I had an empty corrugated roll to throw away. But then it hit me, why throw it away when I could re-use it to make a “roll-up” a valance!?

I took the ties off of the roman and used the cardboard roll to wind up the fabric. I just started from the bottom edge and rolled it as evenly as possible until it was at a good length. Then I retied the cords. Voila!

Happy decorating and have a Happy New Year!

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