If You can Wrap a Present, Deco Wrap Your Windows. It’s a Gift!

It’s the holidays, a time for gathering with family and gift giving too. I can’t help but think about my least favorite part of the season, gift wrapping! What I consider fun “wrapping” is making a DecoWrap cornice. It is so easy we say, “If you can wrap a present you can decorate with DecoWrap!”  It’s fun because you are creating something pretty and you get a great sense of accomplishment.  It’s easy because you can make one in minutes, not hours, and there is no sewing, gluing or stapling!

Deco Wrap is so easy to cover and you can use almost anything, from new decorator fabric, to repurposing bed sheets, table cloths, fabric shower curtains and more. This year I thought, why not actually try holiday wrapping paper! That would be inexpensive and festive. So I tried it using fairly heavy duty wrapping, which is what I would recommend.

Wrapping Paper Ready
Center and Start Tucking Paper Carefully into the Back Slit
Finish Tucking the Remaining Edge Into Back Slit
I Trimmed and Taped One End
The Other End I Tried Folding and Tucking
After Tucking I Still Had to Tape it Down, But No Biggie
Finished Front

Now I’m ready to hang my cornice present, but my tips are this. Be very gently when tucking as not to tear your wrapping paper. Also, you don’t need to tuck it in very deep. As a result, I had enough length in the paper.

The Final Result

Just as ribbon and bows finish a gift, with Deco Wrap you can add trims and fabric accents to embellish your window treatment design. I though using small ornaments would add a little something to my deco-wrapping project. I literally sunk the hook ends of the ornaments into the foam. It took about a minute and looks pretty cute.

Now you can wrap a great present for yourself with Deco Wrap, just wrap, tuck, and hang.  Create festive window treatments for the holidays. They look like pretty gifts at your window. Now that’s unique!

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