How to Balance Color for a Professionally Decorated Look

From The Spruce, here is a decorating concept I’d like to share. When followed, it can help anyone balance color for a professionally decorated look. 60-30-10 is a timeless rule that can help you put a color scheme together easily. The 60 percent + 30 percent + 10 percent proportion is meant to give balance to the colors used in any space. The concept is simple to use, but lets break it down so it’s easy to understand.

The 60%

The main color in room is the 60%. So think about large areas like walls and larger pieces of furniture. Also, sizable accent pieces like area rugs can set the backdrop and ground the rest of the room.

The 30%

The secondary color in the room would be the 30%, and true to the numbers, this secondary color would used at about half the quantity of the main color. This color plays a supporting role to the dominant color but sets itself apart as a complimentary layer. This can be accomplished with items such as drapery, side chairs or smaller furnishings, and bedding.

The 10%

The accent color is your 10% and I believe this is the most fun element to design with. Here is where you can add drama with a splash of fun color for example. Often the accent color is bold or whimsical. Your accent items can be throw pillows, art pieces, and decorative accessories like candles and vases.

Of course the rule is not written in stone. It’s sometimes fun to break the rules and vary the proportions. Some attributes like texture and finish affect the weight and balance of objects in a room design, so you can play around and be flexible. But when in doubt, 60-30-10 is a great general guideline to follow when designing any room. Happy decorating!

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