Holiday Decorating to Awaken the Senses

Around the holidays, your home should feel warm and cozy, inviting and festive. To get the most out of holiday home decorating, the key factor is to stimulate the senses. When guests walk into your home, they should delight in a sensory overload of sights, smells and sounds of the season. Holiday accessories like wreaths, garland and festive family keepsakes should adorn the entry to welcome friends and family.  Decorate the heart of your home thoughtfully as this is where everyone gathers. A sparkling feast for the eyes will bring an immediate smile to anyone. You can never have too many twinkle lights. I weave them across my mantle and incorporate them in my entry décor.

Fall Floor Entry Décor with Lights

People enjoy the scents of the holidays, as it brings a warm rush of familiarity. I love burning scented candles. For Thanksgiving, I enjoy a pumpkin spice variety. I light fragrant soy candles just about every night, it inspires me and I get in the spirit of entertaining!  It’s not just for our guests. What does Christmas smell like to you? Your home can smell sensational with spiced apple potpourri, pine scented candles and a fresh cut Christmas tree. What else smells terrific? It’s the food! Always have Christmas cookies and holiday treats on hand for surprise guests. I am always baking on the days leading up to Christmas. The only thing better than the smell of fresh baked cookies is eating them! Our traditional Thanksgiving cake is the Pinnapple Upside-down, and the family Christmas cookie is the Lemon Drop, they are so yummy!

Fresh Baked Cookies

Last but not least, let the the sounds of the season fill your home. The joyful melodies of holiday music will uplift the spirit and bring a festive feeling to all. But the best sounds by far are the voices of  family and friends filling the home with love and warm holiday cheer! 

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