Helping Out, Sewing Masks (Pattern Included)

It is amazing to see people coming together to help one another while we are trying to get through this horrible pandemic. I want to pass on a great pattern for sewing face masks (see link below). This was given to me by my wonderful step-mom Ruth. She has been making them for her friends and family in the neighborhood. Hopefully it will fall into the hands of many who will sew them as well, and they will pass it on too. It is a great idea, help out and sew face masks. There are multitudes of people in need. We can all do our share to help one another, even if it is the smallest of gestures.

Besides the recommended pattern below, I have discovered there are numerous Youtube videos on how to sew a face mask. There are many ways to construct a mask as you will see. So far I have watched about half a dozen how-to clips, and the above photo is the result of my attempt to make my own. I am a terrible seamstress (which is why I invented a no sew window treatment) but I will keep trying until they look a little better. At least they work! I chose a pleated style with an inside pocket for adding a filter. If I can get on a roll as planned, I will make them for my family and others.

Thank you to for providing the pattern below. I know my step-mom Ruth has been successful using it and she has also passed it along to her seamstress friends. If you have a sewing machine, why not give it a try. If not, please pass the idea on to someone who does. Stay safe, be well and happy sewing.

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