Finding Inspiration to Redecorate

We decided to redecorate our family room. Besides the kitchen, it’s the room we spend the most time in. I wanted to get a new vibe. I thought, what look do I love the most? It made me think about the fact that I love and appreciate commercial décor. When I walk into a hotel for the first time, I look all around and take it all in, the colors, textures, art and furnishings. High-end luxury hotels have some of the best designed lobbies. I also love the look of a well done cocktail lounge. Think sipping martinis, and listening to jazz music. What comes to my mind is luxury, and velvet. The lounge look became my inspiration.

I’ve only just begun the process, but I purchased a mid-century modern chaise lounge. It was no easy task find a small version of the look I wanted, as our wall space is too narrow for standard size chaise lounges. This one fit the bill. It’s black velvet and has graceful curved lines. It barely fits my six foot tall husband, but he says it’s quite comfortable. I agree.

Then came the window covering. I chose a pinch pleat panel that I will keep stationary. It’s a light gold velvet with a subtle shimmer. It picks up the metallic accents in the coffee table, tray and stool. The painting also has the same accent color running through it. I have plans to paint my own funky art piece, but this one works for now.

I want to jazz up the tieback on the panel, and when I change the painting, I may update my rug and pillows. I’ll keep you posted about my progress, but In the meantime, happy decorating!

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