Design Tips for Setting Up a Home Workspace

Many of us are working from home for the first time. If you are not fortunate enough to have a dedicated office in your home, here are some tips for creating a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Location, Location, Location!

Location is what they say is most important when buying real estate, but it is also key to establishing a successful workspace. You will be spending most of your time at your desk, so you need a home office area where you will feel comfortable and be most productive. If you have family members, you’ll want to stay out of high traffic rooms. Consider a quiet bedroom or downstairs living area that is not too frequented. It is preferable to find a location in a well lit room near a window. If you can position your desk in front of a window, even better. Having a view can be very uplifting. Also, your location needs to be practical so make sure there are electrical outlets nearby.

Clean Lines, Simple Furnishings.

Whether you can afford a new desk, or must improvise with existing furniture, a nice workspace has clean lines and minimal clutter (I’ll address that next!) If you can afford to purchase an office chair, it is highly recommended. Not only does it lend a lot to the look of your office space, but comfort is extremely important to productivity and back health. The saying “less is more” especially applies to decorating a home workspace. There are minimal elements so everything you choose is key.

Reduce Clutter, Organization is Key.

Any supplies and paperwork that can be put away should be stored out of sight. Use drawers for housing staplers, tape, paperclips etc., and file folders can come in handy to keep paperwork organized. I keep one small file holder on my desk for jobs I’m currently working on. Then, fill in with a few accents. Display a picture (or two) that makes you happy! Then a snazzy desk lamp and a color coordinated accessory or two will pull it all together. Personally, a small vase of flowers is what make me happy to sit down!

So if you have to work from home, put some thought into creating a well appointed, functional space for yourself. Every day you sit down at your desk, you’ll be glad you did. Happy decorating!

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