DecoWrap, Cornice and Valance in One!

It’s 2022 and we still are seeing a trend of minimalism in window treatment design. For simple window décor, the cornice or valance is always a good choice. Lets take a look at what makes them different from each other and why DecoWrap is a great 2-in-1 product.


The term valance is loosely used describe a window top treatment. It can be a simple faux wood piece to cover the headrail of a hard window covering, like a blind. Conversely, it can be an elaborately styled drapery design that hangs partially down the top of a window. Valances are usually installed on a drapery rod or they can be constructed with a wood header that is installed with L-brackets.


Although a window cornice can be referred to as a type of valance, a window cornice, or cornice board, is usually constructed from a length of wood. Some cornices are simply exposed wood, either plain or resembling a large molding treatment. Wood cornices can be carved, shaped, painted or stained.

More popular is the fabric covered cornice. The frame is usually covered in batting, with a decorative fabric layered on the outside. The cornice can have a straight bottom edge, or it can be contoured. Some wood cornices feature an arched or stepped bottom or a custom shape can be created from a template. Most often the top is enclosed, which works well for windows seen from above. That makes it a good choice for windows viewed from the second floor or from a staircase. A cornice is usually installed with L-brackets.

Cornice-Valance Hybrid

The beauty of DecoWrap is that it offers the choice of both. It’s a cornice-valance hybrid. If used in its basic contoured form, when covered in fabric, it resembles an upholstered wood cornice. Then, as shown above, if you take DecoWrap a step further and tuck additional fabric in, you can create a myriad of valance styles. The one I created for my mudroom has a pleated roman style accent. I simply tucked an extra piece of fabric in the back slit of the cornice valance.

So you can keep it simple, or by adding additional fabric, you can create gathered or pleated valance styles, roman valances and more. The great thing is that because it is easy and do-it-yourself, you can play around with what look is best for you. I hope you enjoy making your own creation. Happy decorating!

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