Decorating with Throw Pillows

Decorating with pillows is one of my favorite things. I love pillows and could shop for them all day long. Adding the final touches to a room is so important, and one of the best ways to convey the character of a room is with this fun, plush accessory. Pillows can be whimsical, add a pop of color, texture, or harmonize an entire room. And because they are relatively inexpensive, you can use pillows to change the look of your room without a big investment. Below is my newest furry addition. I love the texture!

When I was newly married and decorating our first home, we purchased off-white textured couches and light carpeting. The windows were over-sized and let a lot of sunlight in. It was a beautiful great-room. The backdrop was like a pretty off-white canvas with which I could add drama by simply accessorizing. With this neutral backdrop, I could change the look of the space Just by adding some exciting pillows with a pop of color. Then artwork, window treatments, and well placed accessories could pull it all together. I was happy with this plan, as it gave me the flexibility of changing my look at any time. And I could do so without having to purchase all new furniture. This was a perfect for me, as I am fickle, and tire of things quickly.

There are so many places in your home where pillows can add to your décor. They can give comfort and add jazz up older furniture, from the lumbar style on you favorite chair, to the throw pillows that define your sectional sofa. They are fun to mix and match. You can find pillows in just about every color, fabric and pattern imaginable. And if you cant find what you want, there is always the option of custom made. I often have to stop myself from using too many pillows, because the combinations look great together. My husband actually tried to set pillow limits. He is a minimalist, but I do admit I probably went too far on the number of bed pillows I picked out!

So look around your own home and see if a pillow, or two (or ten) could refresh your décor. Happy decorating and share your projects with us!

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