Simple Drapery for Today’s Windows

Simple Pinch-pleat Panel Drawn to One Side
Styles of the Past

Consumers have embraced a more simple style of decorating windows. This contrasts sharply from what you would have seen years ago when very traditional styles were popular. Some would call it fussy, over styled, opulent or even gaudy. The drapery of the past, and I’m old enough to remember, consisted of swags and jabots, cornices, lambrequins, and multiple layers of fabric. First came the sheers, then panels, and finally a valance or cornice would finish your window treatment. All the fancy trims and tiebacks were prevalent as well. Bullion fringe, gimp, braided cording and tassels were popular to name a few.

Transition Period

Then came a transition period where the styles “loosened up”. The pole swags and panels were hot. There was still a good deal of fabric, but it was used in a softer, more casual fashion. The homeowner would use use long scarves of material draped over and under a decorative pole. It could also be “swagged” using specially designed holders at the corners of the windows. With those and many more styles and choices available in store and on-line, do-it -yourself decorating really took off.

Modern Window Coverings

Here we are in 2022, and more people than ever are creating and installing there own window coverings. What the consumer seeks is function and good design, not opulence. Hard window coverings, like blinds, cellular shades, and shutters are often used alone or as the functioning component for light control and privacy. Now simple drapery panels prevail, whether decoratively framing a window, or fully covering it.

Simple lines and more modern interiors are now most common. It is a sharp contrast to the days old. I wonder, will there be a swing back to more fabric and softer looks at the window, or will trends continue towards minimalism? Trends are usually cyclical but we will just have to wait and see. Happy decorating!

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