Creative Ways to Save On Fabric for DIY Cornices

I recently got a call from a customer inquiring about using drapery panels instead of cut fabric to cover their DecoWrap cornices. I want to share some of what I told her, as I think it is helpful and it can save you money in the process.

When I invented Deco Wrap over twenty years ago, there was very little variety of redi-made window treatments on the market. You could only find a limited selection to choose from. Usually there were basic solids and sometimes a few patterns available in limited styles. Fast forward to 2020 and it is the complete opposite. If you go on-line there are literally hundreds, even thousands of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. Also, local department stores have a nice selection of window treatments. I prefer to to buy locally so I can take it home the same day. You will mostly find panel styles on the market but the good news is that panels are what we need to make our customized DIY window fashions. Here are my reasons for using redi-made fabric panels for Deco Wrap and other DIY window treatments:

Redi-Made Panels from Target

Saves Money

  • Using redi-made panels for drapery material is a genius idea because you can save a ton of money on the fabric yardage cost. On many occasions, I have purchased panels in my local store and have used them for making Deco Wrap styles. Here is an example. If you find a 54″ wide x 84″ drapery panel for $20.00, that is like getting your fabric for less than 10.00 a yard. Since Deco Wrap requires 54″ wide fabric to cover the 40″ cornice, you can get two “cuts” or pieces of  (54″ x 32″) out of one panel. So one panel will cover both basic cornices included in our DecoWrap kit.

Don’t Need Extra Hardware

  • Another bonus is that decorative drapery panels or sheers can just tuck into the back of the DecoWrap cornice forms. There is no need for an additional drapery rod. You can use one panel to cover the cornice, and two more can be tucked into the back slit of the DecoWrap. The panels hang down to frame out the window, creating a high-end custom look. 

Not Just Panels, Fabric Shower Curtains Too!

  • Fabric shower curtains are also a great pre-made choice. My local Home Goods store had great patterns in nice weight cotton for 14.99.  And shower curtain panels are large. You can see some styles I made for our QVC shows. The videos can be found on You Tube. Look for the navy and white wide strip nautical roman style (below). Another is the grey and teal paisley print. 
Shower Curtain Fabric, Anchor Design Cloth Napkin Accents & Cording

Have any questions or project ideas to share?  We would love to hear from you!

  1. Trina Penna Reply

    What do I do if I’m combining several pieces together, creating a larger expanse?

    • dana Reply

      Hi Trina-
      The cornices can be joined easily with spray foam adhesive or hot glue. Two pieces connected would give you 80″.
      I hope that helps! -Dana

  2. Valerie Horowitz Reply

    Do you think I could have 4 of them connected side by side? I need to cover a double sliding glass door with a window next to it– about 160″– 13’4″?

    • dana Reply

      Hi Valerie-
      Yes we have done that many together before. The Deco Wrap cornices can be joined with spray foam adhesive or hot glue. You would need a few hands to install the piece since it is so long and somewhat flexible. Each 40″ section comes with 2 mounting screws. Four pieces gives you 160″ exactly.
      I hope that helps!

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