Odd Windows Need Decorating Too

Sometimes we tend to ignore the small or odd windows that are tucked out of the way. That was my situation, as our recreation room window was left plain and looked neglected. Sure, its a fairly small window, not too high off the ground, and it is tucked inside the dormer niche. But in looking at it the other day, I realized the space could use a little something. Why not make that odd window happy with a cornice valance, and as a result, it would also improve the look of our rec space.

To be frugal, I took a Deco Wrap no sew cornice style from our collection of QVC samples. After all, it was just packed away in our hall closet. I found a style that I thought would work. The blue and white fabric was a perfect compliment to the furnishings on the third floor recreation space. I decided to remove the “nautical style” accent fabric (which were actually dinner napkins that I cut down and tucked in). I knew the anchor motif wouldn’t go over well with my husband and two older boys.

Much better!

And there it is. A smart little style on the dormer window and you almost don’t notice the huge boxing apparatus. Kidding aside, it looks great and I’m very happy with the result. I wonder how long it will take the guys to notice our new addition!

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