If You Can Wrap a Present You Can DecoWrap Your Windows

It’s the holidays, a time for gathering with family and gift giving too. I can’t help but think about my favorite part of the season, gift wrapping! That’s a joke, I leave it all until the end because I always dread it. What I consider fun “wrapping” is making a DecoWrap cornice. It is so easy we say, “If you can wrap a present you can decorate with DecoWrap!”  It’s fun because you are creating something pretty and you get a great sense of accomplishment.  It’s easy because you can make one in minutes, not hours, and there is no sewing, gluing or Scotch tape!

Just Wrap & Tuck the Fabric

Just as ribbon and bows finish a gift, with DecoWrap you can add trims and fabric accents to embellish your window treatment design. I love using contrast cording, pom-pom fringe, and tassels  especially when they are created from natural fibers.

Large cotton Tassels on Roman Cornice


Monogram patches and fabric ribbon create a tailored, custom look.



Now you can wrap a great present for yourself with DecoWrap, just wrap, tuck, and hang.  Create a great gift for the holidays, beautiful window treatments for a beautiful room!

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