How High to Hang Window Treatments

How high do I hang my window treatments? This is a question I hear all of the time. The quick answer is 4″ to 6″ above the window or window molding. In the past it was more common to hang a drapery at the height of the window, but aesthetically, a higher installation looks better as it adds size and creates a more grand look overall. The designer’s rule of thumb for rooms with average 8′ ceilings is to mount rods about 6″ above the window. For rooms with ceilings over 10′, you should still keep rods within 8″ from the top of the window.

Obviously if you have an inside mount for window treatments, you will utilize the interior area inside the frame or window opening and install at the height of the opening.

Cornices or soft valances like pleated valances span the entire window and give more leeway as to the mounting height. This is because you cannot see the top of the window. Often it is advisable to hang window treatments quite high (if there is room) or even at ceiling height. This creates drama and the look of a very large window. It draws your eye upwards, often making the window treatment a focal point.

Regarding ceiling height installations, there are some nice style choices of ceiling mount drapery rods on the market. You may like the idea and look of this style, but often it is the only option for apartments and condominium dwellers where there is no wall space above the window.

If you have a transom window above another window, you can treat it the same as if it were one window unit. The other option is to hang the window treatment at the height where the transom meets the window below.

I hope these tips are helpful. Please leave your comments or questions!

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