Fall Pots and Holiday Decorating

Since I’m always concentrating on window treatments and interior decorating, it’s refreshing to focus on the exterior for a change. It’s late September and I haven’t redone my front pots for the Fall. I’m still hanging on to the remnants of my summer flowers, what’s left after the deer have dined upon them! I am trying to decide what new idea to implement, as I never do anything the same way twice. That would be too easy.

I will be shopping at my local market this week to see what is new and inspiring. We are very lucky to have a wonderful gourmet market and nursery nearby. I love this time of year when Sickles puts out their holiday and seasonal goods. There are always treasures to be found and beautiful arrangements to be had. The Fall “Entry Scapes” that come out of their gardens are delightful and festive. What will mine be?

I like to use something as a base and then add seasonal elements that can be switched out as the holidays change. With a Fall background of greens with orange flowers, for example, I can incorporate both Halloween and Thanksgiving by playing off the orange. By the time Christmas comes around, the flowers will be done and I can replace them with holly branches or white twigs. I like to add white lights for Christmas, but this year I think I will use lights beginning at Halloween. Why not? Small white twinkle lights add an extra dimension and make any arrangement even more festive. Stay tuned for what develops!


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