How to Make Deco Wrap DIY Window Treatments

Our foam cornices are durable, sturdy, lightweight and easy to use.

Make Deco Wrap DIY Window Treatments Faster Than Toast!  

  • No sewing with our exclusive wrap & tuck system.
  • Easily cut down or glue together to fit any size window.
  • Only 1 yard of fabric for basic styles. Completely changeable.
  • No tool installation. Just screw in P-screws and push on your finished treatment.
  • 2 Deco Wrap Cornices cover up to 80″ of windows, patio or sliding glass doors.

           NO SEWING. Just Wrap, Tuck, Hang. You’re Done!

DIY Window Treatments

1. What size does Deco Wrap come in? All Deco Wrap window treatments measure 40” length x 3.5” deep x 9” high.

2. What is Deco Wrap made of? Deco Wrap is made of plush semi-soft polyurethane foam that won’t crack, flake, peel or lose it’s shape. They are durable, lightweight and can be used over and over again.

3. Is Deco Wrap adjustable? Deco Wrap can be cut down with a kitchen knife and glued together with a hot glue gun, foam spray adhesive or fabric glue to fit any size window. 

4. How far from the wall are they when mounted? Our P-Hooks are 5″ long and go 1″ into the wall and 2″ into the back slit of the cornice so our Deco Wrap window treatments will have a clearance from the back of the treatment to the wall of approximately 2”.

5. How much fabric is required? For fabric width add 14″ to the width of your cornice, which is 7″ per side to twist and tuck the fabric into the back slit to finish the ends. To wrap around the cornice the fabric height is always 32″.

6. Do you have elbow returns? No, but you can make them by mitering and pinning the foam at a ninety degree angle. Click HERE for more information.

7. Do they cover bay windows?  Yes. You can miter the ends to fit together at the corners or simply butt the straight ends together at the corners and cover over the seam with a fabric accent.

8. Are they reusable? Yes. Simply remove the fabric and wrap and tuck new fabric.

9. How do they install on the window? Our P-screws require no tools to install. Simply push the P-screw into the wall and screw until firm. (You may need to make a starter hole first depending on wall material and your hand strength.) Make sure the fabric lays flat inside the back slit of the form. Cut away excess fabric if necessary to allow room for the P-screw. Push the slit in the back of the form onto the P-screws.

10. Can I use any fabric with Deco Wrap? Medium and lightweight fabric is recommended. Very heavy fabrics are often stiff and bulky which make them difficult to work with.

"Your window treatments are so easy to make, affordable and beautiful!"

Tammy H. -Raleigh, NC