Design Trends 2017

I always watch for the latest design trends, because in decorating, it’s wise to be ahead of the curve. You want your decor to look chic and fresh and not go “out of style”. When making large purchases, the smart thing to do is to buy timeless furnishings, as they do not become quickly outdated. Generally I’ll use trendy accent pieces and accessories, so it is much easier and less expensive to update your room when you want to. With that in mind, here are a few trends to watch for in 2017. 

1. Texture, Touch and Comfort- In this age of monitors, smartphones and technology, manufacturers are using tactile design to lure customers who crave comfort. They are presenting soft and interesting surfaces with the use of fabrics like velvet and faux fur and through techniques like ruching and pleating.

2. Natural Fabrics and Materials- We will continue to see natural fabrics such as linen, cotton duck, and burlap along with more cane, rattan and natural surfaces in case goods.

3. Clear Furniture and Accents-  Designers are using acrylics and lucite to create unique see-through pieces that are interesting to the eye. This clear decor plays tricks visually, giving larger objects less weight for example. You will  see this mostly with occasional pieces like seating and decorative tables.

4. Navy is the New Black- This timeless color, often showing up as Indigo, goes with just about anything. You will see navy everywhere this year from accent rugs to comforters and cabinets.

5. Faux Finishes- Budget friendly and environmentally friendly choices are winning homeowners over. The technology is better than ever and manufacturers are creating pieces with faux surfaces that look like real marble and wood for example, but with a much friendlier price-tag. 

6. Bright Green- It is a vibrant, happy color, and after all, “Greenery” is Pantone’s color of the year. This fresh hue represents life and revitalization. “Greenery” goes with so many interiors. Just think about bringing a lush plant into a room, bright green is nature’s neutral.

Keep your eyes open, take note, and see if you can spot new trends as well!



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