Decorating Goals for the New Year

With the new year upon us, I started thinking about what goals I am going to tackle in 2019. With regards to decorating, I want to love my home and everything in it. When you think about it, you are in your home every day, it surrounds you and has a big impact on how you feel.  That is why I’m making some big changes in 2019.

I will go room to room and make a checklist of what I am not satisfied with. Everything will be considered, from needed repairs, to paint, to replacing furniture, accessories, window treatments and carpeting. I will start with the downstairs, then I’ll tackle the upstairs. Of course I will need to be realistic. I am already picturing the lengthy list of changes I will want to make. I am determined not to let it overwhelm me, so what will come next is prioritizing! This step is very important because you need to assess your budget against your wants and needs. If one change is too costly, another solution must be conceived. Often the best solutions come from the creativity of compromise.

There are quick fixes that can dramatically give you a fresh look. The first update that comes to mind is painting. A fresh coat of a new color on your walls can bring a dull room back to life. If painting an entire room seems daunting, consider making one wall a focal point, using either paint or wallpaper to draw the eye. Another dramatic change can be to update your window treatments. New window treatments will create an impact on any room. Custom window coverings can be expensive, but there are many do-it-yourself and no-sew options that can save you hundreds of dollars, like Deco Wrap (see below). If replacing furniture is too costly, jazz up that old sofa with a plush throw and statement  pillows. 

These are just a few ideas to jump start your decorating plans for the new year. All it takes is takes is desire, and little creativity. Have a Happy New Year!


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