And the Winning Color is.. Living Coral!

Pantone’s “Color of the Year”

Living Coral (16-1546)


Every year since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute announces its “Color of the Year.”  This year’s winner is called Living Coral (16-1546). I’m definitely a fan of this year’s choice, as it is a pretty and cheerful hue. What comes to mind when we think of Living Coral? The deep sea, natural beauty, and vividness are some things that I think of. I’m just looking around my own home and I can find a few items in this trending color. I have always liked this upbeat shade, as coral is bright and whimsical.



Around the home, it’s easy to incorporate Living Coral in small doses, highlighting art, accessories, afghans, pillows and accent objects.  When it comes to home decor trends and mass merchandising, we will most likely see more consumer goods available in softened shades of this hue. Linens and bath towels in soft coral are pretty, whereas in the living room, a couple of pillows in full saturation of Living Coral adds a playful pop of color to home furnishings.

 Will Living Coral be embraced and become more mainstream because it is proclaimed “Color of the Year?”  I hope so! I look forward to seeing unique color combinations incorporating Living Coral in the upcoming years. For the present time, it is a great companion to all the grey tones we are still seeing. I will use Living Coral colored fabric for one of our Deco Wrap no-sew window cornice styles. Stay tuned for our upcoming QVC show to see it!

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